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How many calories are in premium ice cream?

There's that word «calories». Only several small figures force us to refuse the most favourite dishes and delicacies. There are equally easily found both favourite mother's or grandmother's pies, and just the sweets adored by us since the childhood among troublesome products. Ice cream can be called one of the most significant losses. But is it really that fattening and harmful? Let's learn how many calories are in ice cream and try to find out how much this soft spot might cost to us.

Ice cream — there is a lot of meaning in the word

How many calories are in premium ice cream?

Having hardly heard this word, we immediately imagine that wafer cone filled with slightly frosty creamy delicacy. But wait! Ice cream has much more forms. Actually it can brag of a big variety of shapes, colours and, respectively, tastes.

You will easily find briquettes in shops, and in cafes scoops can be made just in front of your eyes by lowering a spoon in a big container with dessert. And if everything is simple with a form, what can we tell about taste?

We all know well chocolate ice cream as well as types with fruit and berry flavors, chocolate and nuts, not to mention usual vanilla. All of this can be premium ice cream too! It received its name not because of flavoring fillers and additives, but because of basic ingredients. But you shouldn't forget that there are also other types, for example ice milk or cream ice. And that's what we need to talk about in more detail.

Such different ice cream

It is easy to guess that a basis of any ice cream, with whatever taste it is, consists of various dairy products: pasteurized milk, condensed milk, cream, butter and buttermilk. And so, the main difference between various types of ice cream is about presence of this or that component.

Ice milk, as it isn't difficult to guess, is produced on the basis of the shaken-up and frozen milk with various additives.

These include sugar, flavors and special stabilizers used for higher viscosity of milk mass.

Aside from such frozen desserts as sorbet and fruit ice, types of ice cream made mostly of milk can be called the lightest. The weight percentage of fat in them doesn't exceed 3.5%. But here it should be taken into account that depending on the recipe and primary products these indicators can vary.

The second version is a creamy delicacy. Everything is clear here too: not milk, but cream is shaken up and frozen therefore taste of a dessert is gentler. Cream has much higher fat content than milk, so fat content of such ice cream can reach 10%.

But, if in the first case milk is taken as a basis, and in the second case it is cream, then what premium ice cream is made of? And even the name doesn't give any hints! Its «secret» ingredients are butter and heavier, dense cream. Because of them premium ice cream has the most gentle and rich taste. As for fat content, for this type it is even higher and can be up to 16%.

By the way, if you become interested in structure and production technologies of ice cream, you surely should get acquainted with one of our previous posts where we told in detail about how this magic dessert is produced.

So how many calories are in a cone of premium ice cream?

How many calories are in premium ice cream?

But let's get back to the main topic and try to find out how many calories are in premium ice cream.

Depending on the recipe 100 grams of usual ice cream without additives contain from 200 to 370 kilocalories. But the standard portion of this delicacy is slightly less. So, for example, the weight of regular scoop is only 50 grams, and a cone and a briquette on wafers weigh about 80 grams.

In the second case you shouldn't forget that you will eat ice cream together with a cone that consists of wafer and in general is pastries. 100 grams of such wafer, by the way, contain about 341 kilocalories, but in one cone, of course, weighs much less. The crisp wafer cup is even more fattening. Their energy value for 100 grams is 417 kcal!

And now we need to do some math and define exactly how many calories are in premium ice cream in a cone or a briquette.

Do not forget that about 5% of the total mass account for wafers, respectively, the weight of the ice cream alone is 76 grams, and the cone is 4 grams. We take average value of caloric content of ice cream as 280 kcal / 100 gram. Here it is easy to count that the energy value of one such portion will be 212.8 kcal. For a wafer cup this indicator is about 13.64. We add and receive the caloric content of conditionally standard cone or briquette of ice cream, it is 226.44 kilocalories.

But not everything is so simple

How many calories are in premium ice cream?

Caloric content of a ready-made product consists of the energy value of all main components. Even if dairy products are a basis of a treat, but in a caloric content question along with them it is worth paying attention to the most important enemy of a slim figure — sugar.

The amount of sugar is approximately at one level in all above-mentioned types of ice cream and makes about 15%. In fact, sugar consists of carbohydrates in pure form. And everyone who keeps a figure perfectly knows that sugar covers our ideal bodies with a thick layer of a fat. Why does that happen?

As soon as in a stomach digestion of sweets comes to an end, the glucose received from it gets to blood. The pancreas producing insulin which neutralizes this glucose starts acting immediately. However it slows down process of splitting of fats, both getting to the organism with food, and those that already managed to be laid «in store».

It turns out that the main harm is done by not the calories which are contained in food, but namely the sugar giving to ice cream that desired sweetness.

Fortunately for everyone who tries to eat only healthy food, there are special sorts of useful (sports) ice cream. There is no sugar in the structure, but also there are special additives: protein, cellulose and complex of minerals necessary for an organism.

For example, 75 grams (portion) of such ice cream contain only 112.7 kcal and 7 grams of carbohydrates. Huge difference, isn't that so?

Here you can have a question: «And how without sugar? It will be unsweetened!» No. it's not true! Such ice cream is not less sweet and tasty, than sorts we get used to. Just instead of usual white sugar it contains natural sweeteners. For example, it can be erythrite or extract of a stevia, that is the substances made of plants and fruit.

On the level of sweetness erythrite only hardly concedes to usual sugar, and the stevia even surpasses it several times. It turns out that such sweetener is required to be added significantly less.

But the most important — their caloric content (and respectively the content of carbohydrates) is almost equal to zero. And it means that it is quite possible to please yourself with such ice cream after the wearisome training or heavy day of work. Existence in a dessert of a large amount of protein will be especially useful; it will serve as «construction material» for your muscles.

Sum up the result

We hope, we managed to satisfy your curiosity concerning that how many calories are in cone of ice cream. And even more: now you know that it is possible to indulge yourself with a certain ice cream safely if you want sweets. And all of this without harm for your shape!

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