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How to make the plombir at home

Both the children and the adults love ice cream. And the plombir is undoubtedly the most delicious kind of this cold delicacy. But it is a real challenge now to find exactly that true plombir with the delicate creamy taste without palm-oil and other “unnecessary” ingredients. Therefore, we suggest you two recipes of the homemade ice cream.

Delicious and useful 

The homemade plombir

You need to prepare such ingredients for the dessert: 

First boil the milk thoroughly and leave it for some time to cool down till it gets the temperature 37 degrees. On the contrary cool the yolks and the greasy cream at the same time. After that pound the yolks with the powdered and vanilla sugar till the crystals fully dissolve, then beat it with the help of fork, egg whisk or mixer. When you get the elastic foam, pour the yolk-and-sugar mass in the milk and put everything on a small fire. Don’t forget to mix it while heating and keep an eye on it thoroughly to prevent the future plombir from being burnt. As a result you get the mass of thick cream consistence. Put it into the fridge to cool down and proceed to the next stage.

Beat the greasy cream till you get the strong foam, take out the cooled cream from the fridge and mix these two component ingredients. Use the egg whisk for this matter. When you get the homogeneous mixture, put it into the freezer. Take it out after half an hour, mix it thoroughly one more time. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times and put the plombir into the freezer for it to fully cool down. 

The recipe according to GOST

The homemade plombir

The benchmark of the icecream for many people is not the abstract but the concrete plombir they enjoyed in the Soviet childhood. We want to suggest you exactly that recipe of the homemade plombir which is not worse than the factory one. 

This dessert has only two ingredients: 200 g real condensed milk (don’t mix it with the substitute) and 1 liter cream.

Cool the cream previously and then beat it thoroughly with the mixer. The mass should have such consistence so that it doesn’t flow out when you bend the container. Take into account at the same time that the amount enlarges twice while beating. 

Pour in the condensed milk, mixing it continually and put the ice cream into the freezer. As if in the previous recipe, take it out, mix it thoroughly and freeze. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times and put the plombir into the freezer for it to fully cool down.

You can decorate the ice cream with nuts, chocolate, jam or fruits and serve it in the home-made wafel tubules.

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