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Does diet-friendly ice cream exist?

Hands down, ice cream is the most popular and the most crowd favorite sweet in the world. Only people who are «lucky» enough to be allergic to milk can’t say they love it. And, of course, diet fans also avoid ice cream at all costs. But even healthy eaters sometimes wish they could taste that creamy or berry flavored coolness.

Maybe there is a top-secret dietary type of ice cream that you can eat without getting fat? Well, don’t be surprised, but it actually exists. Moreover, there are a few different types of that sweet. Some of them you can cook at home. So without further ado let’s plunge into that vital subject.

Why is ice cream bad for you?

Диетическое мороженое

On the face of it, ice cream is not as harmful as people make it seem. After all, it’s not hamburgers, snacks or soda. It’s just a tiny bit of frozen milk or cream. So how can it be so bad for you? The answer is simple. It’s sugar.

The main source of sweetness in most types of ice cream is a plain white sugar that adds even more calories to the already high-calorie mix. Everyone who is interested in healthy eating knows that the archenemy of a neat figure is so-called “empty” carbs that can be found in sweets. Fatty tissue is formed exactly from them.

Thanks to sugar the nutritional value of 100 grams of ice cream reaches 230 kcal! The plain vanilla ice cream in waffle cup is slightly lighter – it weighs 80 grams and contains around 180 kcal.

Do not forget about a waffle cup: 100 grams of waffle contains more than 400 kcal! That’s an incredibly high count, even though an ordinary waffle cup is much lighter than that.

But we rarely limit ourselves to 80 grams of plain vanilla ice cream. We want the tastiest and the fattiest ice cream with caramel and hazelnuts, covered with a thick layer of milk chocolate. So there is no wonder where that fat on our hips and bellies comes from.

However, the harm of ice cream comes not from sugar alone. Cream, milk, butter – these are abundant sources of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. When they enter the body in large quantities, the former inevitably form fatty tissue and the latter cause damage to the circulatory system.

The expiration date of ice cream you can find in grocery stores is also an issue. It is increased due to various additives. Not to mention the taste of it that is provided by flavor enhancers.

But let’s talk about diet-friendly ice cream!

The dietary ice cream really exists and it comes in a few different types (don’t confuse types with flavors). They share one common thing, namely the lack of sugar. That means these types of ice cream are carb-free.

So what types of ice cream are there?

Ice cream without sugar

Диетическое мороженое

Actually, there is no need to add sugar to the desserts to make them sweet. Sugar is completely replaceable with natural and healthy sweeteners. Erythritol and stevia are the best choices for daily use.

If you see them among the ingredients, you can safely expect a normal sweet taste combined with zero empty carbs.

The type of ice cream without sugar and milk is also worth mentioning. In healthy ice cream, cedar or coconut oil serves as a milk substitute. These oils have several advantages over milk, such as:

Protein ice cream

So-called protein ice cream is notable not only for the lack of sugar, but also for the addition of healthy proteins and plant-based probiotics.

That type of dietary ice cream will help your body to recover from working out. Not to mention that plant-based ice cream is the tastiest source of many nutrients and vitamins.

The nutritional value of sugar-free ice cream is about 90-120 kcal (depends on ingredients). Perhaps this is still a high-calorie count for some people, but a complete absence of sugar, low carbs and a high amount of nutritional proteins completely make up for it. Thereby, when you eat protein ice cream, calories provide the body with energy instead of fat.

Sorbet – a low-calorie dietary dessert

Actually, sorbet can’t be called an ice cream in the purest sense. The thing is that it does not include dairy products nor vegetable fats. Sorbet usually has a fruity taste without a creamy flavor.

Sorbet is the ultimate dietary frozen dessert since its nutritional value barely reaches 40 kcal per 100 grams. Given that the average sorbet ball weighs about 50 grams, you can divide calories by two.

Moreover, about 70% of the sorbet consists of the quick-frozen berry of fruit puree, so all the various vitamins and microelements remain in the dessert.

Don’t get too excited: natural sorbet is rarely seen in chain stores, but often can be found in online stores, healthy food stores and even drugstores.

Also, do not confuse sorbet with fruit ice. They have very similar texture and both are dairy-free, but fruit ice consists of fruit or berry juice with a lot of sugar. So understandably fruit ice can’t be called diet-friendly.

If your search of organic dietary ice cream or sorbet has been fruitless, you can try to make some at home.

So let’s make some homemade dietary ice cream!

Диетическое мороженое

Let’s take one of the easiest and the most affordable recipes available. You gonna need some blackberry or strawberry.


How to cook:

  1. Put berries into the blender.

  2. Add vanilla.

  3. If you don’t want your dessert to be way too sour, add some powdered or liquid sweetener.

  4. Chop the berries until they form a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

  5. Add non fat milk.

  6. Whip the mixture to the condition of sour cream.

  7. Pour the mixture into molds and put them into the freezer. The freezing will take about 2-3 hours.

  8. Stir your ice cream every 20-30 minutes while freezing to make it airier.

  9. Adorn the ice cream with fresh berries before serving. Enjoy!


So we managed to unfold the mystery of diet-friendly ice cream. Now you don’t have to deny yourself a favorite cold dessert. Moreover, you can enjoy it without any worries about excessive calories and kilos.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for your favorite flavor of the newly found dietary ice cream!

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