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The milkshake with the ice cream: homemade and delicious

In the summer heat there is nothing more refreshing and at the same time saturating than the thick aromatic milkshake. This dessert is suggested as a rule by practically all the cafes and the catering services at a high price. But it is quite difficult to find the truly delicious one without the unpleasant powder after-taste. Fortunately, the recipe of the classical milkshake with the ice cream is simple and available for everybody who has got mixer or blender.

Recipe №1. The classical milkshake

The classical milkshake

The list of ingredients for drink preparation is simple and concise: 250 g мороженого (ice cream (better natural plombir without palm-oil) and 1 l milk. Cool down the milk previously, add the ice cream and beat for some minutes. The cocktail is ready. You can add a pinch of vanilla sugar or some syrup for the flavor.

Drink the milkshake just after its preparation.

Recipe №2. The strawberry milkshake

The strawberry milkshake

You will need:

Cool down the milk previously. Beat the strawberry with the sugar, then add the milk and the ice cream to the puree, beat everything one more time and pour out into glasses.

Recipe №3. The chocolate milkshake

The chocolate milkshake


Divide the milk into two parts. Cool down the first part, melt the second part over a slow fire with the chocolate, mixing it continuously till the liquid becomes homogeneous. Then cool the mass, mix it with the ice cream and the second part of the milk and beat with mixer. Before serving, you can sprinkle the cocktail with the grated chocolate or the cinnamon.

The rules of the milkshake preparation

The milkshake

Remember that the milkshake is the dish in which everything depends only on your taste and fantasy. There aren’t any strict limitations here: you can use more milk or more ice cream; replace the strawberry with any other berry or fruit; decorate the cocktail with the whipped cream; use honey or the condensed milk instead of sugar. You can add even coffee or some alcohol to the milkshake.

You can use practically any milk product instead of milk: kefir (even the low fat one), yoghurt or cream.

The only compulsory component of the delicious cocktail is ice cream. Try to find the right one or prepare the plombir at home without chemical flavor enhances and animal fat substances. Otherwise, your cocktail will be similar to the one at the shop.

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