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Protein ice cream – a dessert of champions

When someone makes a decision to devote his or her life to sports, a complete change of lifestyle is essential. One of the most important first steps on the way to the winners’ pedestal is a total renounce from everything that is fried, fatty, baked or sweet. Our favorite summertime treat, namely ice cream, is also strictly banned and is not welcome in the daily diet of any serious sportsman.

Health benefits of ice cream for athletes

Протеиновое мороженое

But do you really have to deny yourself some ice cream? Of course not. Nowadays you can buy ice cream, that is not only suitable for sports diet but also helps to strengthen the muscles. Protein ice cream is made on the base of a sports supplement named ‘whey isolate’. This supplement consists of 90-95% protein, fats and various elements that are incompatible with sports diet are removed during production. Whey isolate has a high digestibility rate and promotes the muscle tissue growth, helps to increase muscle endurance, strengthens the immune system, accelerates the regeneration of tissues and serves as an antioxidant. Long story short, that type of ice cream has all the properties of an ordinary protein shake – the favorite drink of bodybuilders, powerlifters and other sportsmen. But unlike the shake, protein ice cream tastes really good and is perfect for coping with summer heat.

Protein ice cream for athletes is a nice snack that keeps you full for a long period of time. Also, it’s a saving grace of all people with a sweet tooth who stick to the low-carb diet.

How to make homemade protein ice cream?

Протеиновое мороженое

You can totally make protein ice cream at home. The easiest way to make it is to put a protein shake in a freezer. Although this option is unlikely to be as tasty as the real ice cream. So let’s take a look at the recipe of really healthy dessert for sportsmen.


Warm up the milk to the boiling point and put it aside to cool off. While it’s cooling down, whip yolks together with plain and vanilla sugar and add the mixture to the warm milk. Stir it very well. Put the milk and yolks mix on the heat until it becomes as thick as a cream. Don’t stop stirring until it’s ready. Afterwards, let the cream cool off.

Whip the cream and gradually blend it with the chilled mixture. Then stir the mass to a homogeneous state without lumps. Pour it into molds and stick them in a freezer. Get it out after 1 hour of freezing, stir it with a mixer and put it back to freeze some more. Repeat the procedure after another 60 minutes. Finally, let the ice cream freeze for 3 complete hours. Done!

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