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Classic IceCream IceCro

Extremely tasty ice cream, sundae on the real buttert! Frozen desserts are based on fresh fruits and mashed berries, containing large amounts of vitamins and fiber will fall in love with the most demanding customer! Pieces of natural fruits and bones from natural berries will not leave anyone indifferent! Having tasted Ice cream ICECRO, the buyer immediately understands the difference in tastes and change from the usual ice cream!
Classic icecream
Natural ice cream
Crystal seals

How's about buying a natural ice-cream ICECRO CLASSIC?

ICECRO CLASSIC is a traditional, everyone's favorite ice cream, real Freedom to Choose a Taste is guaranteed! It is made only from selected ingredients of the highest class by people according to traditional recipes. It contains no artificial additives. Its multi-colored taste will surprise any gourmet. Don't be afraid to buy a natural ice cream ICECRO CLASSIC, you will feel the difference!

Product lining consists of gentle plombirs which are created on the basis of farmer's cream, natural butter, nut pastes, crunchy fillings and sparkling sorbets which are made from fresh fruit and berry puree. Sorbets contain a large amount of vitamins and fiber. There's also a handmade fruit and berry podvarka. Podvarka is a kind of fruit jelly.

A natural ice-cream ICECRO CLASSIC can be purchased in our online store or in the stores of our partners. By the way, below you couldn't see all available tastes. The complete variety of ice-cream is available in the catalog.

There are 3 main reasons to buy a natural ice-cream ICECRO CLASSIC in Moscow:

  • Over the 20 great flavors, from classic to the most unexpected mixes, will make the most fastidious gourmand's heart melt. From vanilla and strawberry to vanilla amaretto with chocolate cherries and blueberries with roasted almonds and marshmallow under caramel sauce. We update our products constantly, that's why you could purchase a natural ice-cream with more original flavors in Moscow very soon!
  • We use only carefully selected ingredients of premium-class: farmer's fresh milk and cream are delivered by approved suppliers, ripe fruits and berries from trusted farms, Bourbon vanilla and other spices. Because of them, even the familiar tastes of childhood have become better than ever. These tastes can be described as varicolored.
  • There are 100% natural ingredients – just milk, cream, butter, fruits and berries, sugar, glucose syrup and starch of tapioca and rice. We never use artificial additives, color additives preservatives, emulsifiers, flavorings or any other enhancers of smell and taste.

ICECRO CLASSIC is a proper ice cream, which incorporates the best only! Look at the prices and buy a natural ice-cream on our website, in the shops, cafes and fitness clubs of Moscow and other cities. And, of course, share your impressions in social networks under the tag #icecro!

ICECRO - production and selling of high quality ice-cream which is produced from natural ingredients only. A natural ice-cream ICECRO CLASSIC could be delivered in Moscow.

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Leave the request and we will contact you