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Sorbet with raspberries

Sorbet with raspberries

Product Description

The tart berry sorbet sweet and fragrant raspberry, berry nice small bones crunched. Bright, juicy flavor and aroma will satisfy anyone who wants to experience a true delight marvelous delicacy of ripe berries. This is an incredibly airy dessert that literally melts in your mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Sorbet contains a minimal amount of sugar and has a low caloric value, that will appreciate the supporters of healthy eating and people on a diet. The berry ice cream completely doesn't have animal fats, so you can savor the dessert without fear for the figure.

Fragrant raspberry is rich in antioxidants, which are activated in the cells of the body's natural rejuvenation processes. Contained in it vitamin C strengthens the immune strength and protects against the negative influence of the environment. These berries detoxify and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Juicy sweet raspberries - just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

A refreshing treat not only greets by an intense and bright flavor, but also brings a benefit for a health. Natural berry sorbet gives a feeling of coolness, it will charge the energy and vivacity for new life achievements!

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Надежда Шмидт

Приятно, когда ты всего лишь привозишь документы в компанию, а тебя угощают вкусняхой))) где моя большая ложка? У @icecro очень вкусно. #icecro #мороженое
25 апреля 2016

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