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Chocolate sundae, bitter Great chocolate

Chocolate sundae, bitter Great chocolate

Product Description

Excellent chocolate sundae with a delicious and incredibly refined taste.

Bitter chocolate, due to the content in it of endorphins, improves mood. Its useful properties beneficialдн effect on mental activity, performance. Cocoa powder from cocoa beans has an amazing property to confront the emergence of various diseases. It even prevents the development of heart attack and stroke.

Ice cream is saturated with vitamins B1-B3 to support the overall tone of the body. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, it helps to maintain youth and beauty. It seems that in the delicacy an unfading energy of life is concentrated itself!

The composition of the sundae includes only high-quality, carefully selected natural ingredients. Delicious milk, sweet cream and soft butter from Vitael farm.

Treat yourself with a tasty chocolate dessert! Try the taste of luxury!

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Альбина Игнатьева

Всегда испытывала слабость к горькому темному шоколаду, а тут увидела на витрине и решила попробовать мороженое с таким вкусом. @ Рязань, METRO #icecro
21 апреля 2016

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