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Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

Product Description

Sorbet, which downright forces enjoy life! Wonderful exotic taste causes a storm of emotions and causes squinting, immersed in a tropical paradise!

We use only natural mashed ripe and fragrant Indian mangoes to prepare this sorbet. Incredibly delicate dessert just melts in your mouth, turning into a juicy pulp.

Sorbet - this is a low-fat to a usual ice cream treat, safe for the body. Perfect solution for those who are dieting, but want to treat yourself with something sweet.

Mango fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Asian fruit helps relieve nervous tension, to overcome the stress and just relax and forget about all the problems!

Mango sorbet - it's a real pleasure for the true connoisseurs of the exotic!

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Ксения Захарова

Сижу на манго-молочной диете второй месяц. Наткнулась в азбуке вкуса на сорбет со вкусом манго от Айскро, решила попробовать. Это конечно не тоже самое, что сам манго, но для разнообразия очень даже неплохо. #icecro
25 июля 2015

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