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Sorbet with sea buckthorn

Sorbet with sea buckthorn

Product Description

Intense bittersweet taste of sea buckthorn in a sorbet IceCro. Light and delicate frozen mass of bright, cheerful yellow-orange color, of course, will be liked by all lovers of fruit drink or tea of sea buckthorn.

The healing properties of juicy berries, known to everyone, give cool dessert special nutrition. "All the best from nature" Seabuckthorn can cure many, even serious, diseases! No wonder it is called the queen of the orange and forest pharmacy. Note that being frozen this unique berry perfectly retains all its healing properties!

Sorbet with sea buckthorn is ideal for those who strictly keep figure - because it has no any fat drops and practically no harmful calories - only vitamins, only benefit!

Cool sunny desert with a delicious taste and aroma will help to cheer up and cool on hot summer days. It perfectly refreshes, invigorates, and raises the tone of the whole body!



The nutritional value:

Energy value (kcal/100g)  124,8
Protein (g/100g) 0
Fat (g/100g) 0
Carbohydrates (g/100g) 0

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Ангелина Джебисашвили

Наконец то попробовала веганское облепиховое мороженое на основе рисового и кокосового молока. Я о нем давно мечтала. #icecro
02 марта 2016

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