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Ice cream sundae vanilla Bourbon vanilla

Ice cream sundae vanilla Bourbon vanilla

Product Description

A real vanilla cream with 14% fat, cooked on the basis of fresh AGRICULTURAL MILK, NATURAL CREAM ANN BUTTER!

Milk - a unique product, rich in vitamins, micro-elements and proteins. Milk, due to the high content of nutrients well refreshes the forces after physical and mental stress, beneficially effects on the cardiovascular system and regulates metabolism.

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of butter for health and feminine beauty, because it has beneficial effects on the skin, on the growth and condition of the hair and nails, improves vision. In addition, it promotes the development of bones and muscles. This is a real storehouse of nutrients needed to a man!

Bourbon vanilla is considered to be a standard among many other spices. It is grown on the French island of Bourbon. Its flowers are pollinated by only one certain kind of bees, and therefore, this plant is indeed unique. Unique not only to their origin, but also the natural properties.

It has long been known for such properties of vanilla as a beneficial effect on the nervous system (which is due to the unobtrusive, a pleasant smell). Also, the consumption of vanilla (or products, which have this spice) will help reduce fatigability and raise a mood.

Thus, sundae, created from the best natural ingredients, can rightly be considered a truly useful, valuable energy and nutritious treat!

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Сергей Васильев

В кои-то веки решили себя побаловать жарким летним днем, брали пломбир ванильный от #icecro в Азбуке вкуса. #мороженое
06 августа 2016

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