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ICECRO - production of delicious natural ice cream

What is the secret of the amazing taste and benefits of ICECRO ice cream? It's all about our responsible approach to details. We carefully test and refine our own recipes, so the results are always so exquisitely delicious.

The ice cream is based on only natural selected components: milk and cream from trusted suppliers; ripe fruit and berries collected in ecologically clean areas; elite varieties of cocoa, vanilla and spices. In the production of our ice cream we observe the most modern technical standards!

ICECRO offers more than 50 flavors of ice cream, some of them can surprise even the most demanding gourmets. Do you want something classic, like a rich creamy ice cream, a vanilla or a chocolate one? What about more interesting and amazing flavors? Black strawberry with rose, orange and celery sorbet, sweet chocolate with raspberries and hot chili peppers, fresh bilberries with almonds and marshmallow, dipped in caramel – this is just a small part of our range of ice cream. You can always get acquainted with the whole palette of flavors and find something special for yourself on our website.

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Leave the request and we will contact you

Leave the request and we will contact you