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The first line of the natural ice cream with protein and L-carnitine for sportsmen!

Ice cream with protein
ice cream with L-carnitine
Dietetic sugar-free sorbets

ICECRO SPORT — Ice-Cream for Sport Diet

Welcome the first line of organic ice-cream for sportsmen containing PROTEIN and L-carnitine!

The whole range of ICECRO flavors is represented in our catalogue.

Who is the prospective consumer?

ICECRO SPORT products are made for people who watch their diet and keep fit. The low-calorie treat is manufactured by hand without sweet additives. It is enriched by supplements essential for sport nutrition, such as protein, BCAA amino acid, dietary fiber, L-carnitine and prebiotics.

There are three groups in one sports lines — with a protein, with l-carnitine, sorbets with spices:

  • MUSCLE. It is protein mixture based on the whey protein isolate and fat-free milk rich in fiber. The dessert has a sweet taste due to erythritol and stevia ingredients which are organic low-calorie sweeteners.
  • SLIM. This group comprises light sorbets made of organic berry and fruit pulp which contains L-carnitine and improves the digestive system. There are no fats and carbohydrates.
  • YOGA. They are dietetic sugar-free sorbets with striking mixture of naturally sweet berries, sour citrus fruit and a unique aroma of spices (chili, cardamom, ginger etc.). They are all useful in improving metabolism.

How does ice-cream ICECRO benefit sportsmen?

  • There are more than 15 different flavors ranging from common vanilla and chocolate ice-cream to exotic orange-and-celery or raspberry-and-cardamom sorbets.
  • It consists of useful prebiotics, vitamins and protein.
  • The nice taste is given by erythritol and stevia — organic sweeteners extracted from plants, berries and fruits. You can enjoy a sweet dessert with an extremely little amount of carbohydrates.
  • We use only organic components and kitchen tested recipes.

ICECRO SPORT is dietetic ice-cream which brings much benefit without savour loss. Many sportsmen consider this protein ice-cream not only as a dessert but also as an adequate dietary supplement to the sports nutrition.

You can buy the sugar-free ice-cream online or in a plenty of shops in your town.

Leave the request and we will contact you

Leave the request and we will contact you