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Ice cream with milk protein Strawberry without sugar 75 g

Ice cream with milk protein Strawberry without sugar 75 g

Product Description

Juicy, ripe strawberry in a special ice cream for real athletes - softness of berries, minimum of calories and maximum of protein! Ice cream with protein - perfect for those who appreciate good nutrition! An exquisite combination of fragrant strawberries and delicate cream creates an incredible taste of a delicious dairy treat.

The composition of the dessert is designed with maximum benefit to the people seriously involved in sports. A large number of protein, low in fat and carbohydrates will allow to enjoy an ice cream, without thinking about the consequences. Lack of sugar to successfully compensates natural sweeteners - stevia and erythritol.

Contained in the delicacy inulin - prebiotic of a plant origin. It improves the immune system, detoxifies and provides normal absorption of vitamins. Moreover, inulin improves lipid metabolism, which leads to a decrease in body fat.

Ice cream for the athletes is produse on a base of whey protein isolate - a natural source of protein. It is characterized by a high content of BCAA amino acids necessary for the formation and repair of muscle tissue.

Amazing cool dessert with natural strawberries - the most delicious way to fix the result and recharge your batteries for new challenges!


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Олеся Гаврилова

Всегда любила клубничное мороженое, и вот наткнулась на протеиновое icecro без сахара, подходящее для занятий спортом. Фигуре не повредит, так что сразу двух зайцев одним мороженым. #icecro #мороженое
07 сентября 2016

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