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Sugar-free creamy "Chocolate" with protein

Sugar-free creamy "Chocolate"  with protein

Product Description

Melting in the mouth chocolate ice cream - a favorite taste of childhood! From now, it is recommended to all athletes and those who are carefully keeping their figure. Fascinating ice cream taste is revealed with every spoon and plunges into a world of sensual pleasure.

We really tried over the recipe, so the ice cream is very rich in protein and has reduced calories. And no sugar! Instead, it uses natural substitute - erythritol and stevia, has the same sweet taste, but it is absolutely harmless to health!

Chocolate sweet is created on a base of whey protein obtained by purification of whey from fat and carbohydrate. This is the most effective protein for weight loss. It is saturated be useful amino acids, and the protein content of up to 95%! Use isolates promotes muscle gain and tissue repair after power loads.

Another important component of this unique dairy dessert - vegetable prebiotic inulin. It normalizes metabolism, ensures absorption of minerals and the body produces a powerful healing effect.

Chocolate ice cream with protein - a delightfully delicate delicacy, which would be a nice reward in the struggle for the perfect figure!

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Leave the request and we will contact you