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Sugar-free proteined creamy Vanilla

Sugar-free proteined creamy Vanilla

Product Description

Sport ice cream with low carbohydrate and fat and high content of protein, created specifically for athletes. This delicious treat with a hint of vanilla from Madagascar will allow to quickly recover after physical exertion!

The composition of ice cream includes whey protein isolate  - sport supplement containing in its composition 90-95% of protein. This is a completely natural product that is produced from whey, separating itselg during the production of cheese, in addition fat and other components are removed.

Whey protein isolate has no equal in value to the athletes. It is very quickly absorbed by the body and contains the maximum number of amino acids that affect the synthesis of new muscle tissue. Whey Isolate has a positive effect on the immune system, has antioxidant properties, increases stamina and accelerates tissue regeneration.

Protein Ice Cream "Vanilla" will help meet the need for a sweet low-calorie diet while providing a feeling of satiety for a long time. Despite the fact that it includes absolutely no sugar, cools and makes happy not less than a usual ice sundae!

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Алесенька Мясищева

#icecro - правильное мороженое ваниль - протеин @ Сокольники
27 мая 2017

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