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Sugar-free sorbet "Blackcurrant" + "L-carnitine"

Sugar-free sorbet "Blackcurrant" + "L-carnitine"

Product Description

Exquisite sweet-sour taste of blackcurrant sorbet, produced on a base of the natural ripe berries that just melt in the mouth! Low-calorie dessert with ripe berries of black currant - a great addition to the diet of any athlete. Sorbet is enriched with a special substance L-carnitine, which acts as a fat burner.

With a lack of L-carnitine a fatiguability, a bad mood appears . Juicy berry sorbet quickly dispels fatiguaness, gives a charge of vivacity. Fat-burning supplement of the new generation has an amazing ability to double and even triple efforts of an athlete. Regular use of natural supplements enriches the blood with oxygen, reduces the period of muscle recovery after athletic workouts.

L-carnitine is useful in weight loss and body shaping. One serving of ice cream helps to accelerate fat burning during fitness training.

In the composition of the unusual treat there are only natural products - sweeteners erythritol and stevia, a prebiotic. Black currant berries are superior to all other berries by the content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Thus, sorbet "Black currant" - delicious and very useful delicacy, which recuperates forces after sports workouts, gives the explosive taste of joy!

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Leave the request and we will contact you