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Sugar-free sorbet Strawberry + L-carnitine

Sugar-free sorbet Strawberry + L-carnitine

Product Description

What is at the same time refreshing, delicious for a taste and at the same time good for health? The answer is simple - this is nothing but a natural sorbet without sugar from ripe, juicy garden strawberry - very tasty, light and airy summer treat!

Everyone's favorite strawberry, in addition to its beauty and taste, has many medicinal properties, improves appetite and strengthens the immune system. Spicy delicacy with whole strawberries with a low content of fat and sugar.

In a combination with incredibly useful prebiotics, sorbet is a great dessert for athletes. Juice juicy strawberries saturates the body with the C vitamin, antioxidants, which have a positive effect on the heart muscle. A large number of minerals Mg, K, I, and flavonoids - a great complex for immunity.

The composition of sorbet includes L-carnitine - a sports supplement that has no equal in the amazing ability to recycle the energy of the body's fat stores. Just one serving of sorbet is able to run the body's fat burning process. In conjunction with an active workout, the figure gradually gets harmony, the desired shape. For athletes, one of the most useful of its properties, along with many others - reducing muscle recovery period after exhausting workouts.

The composition of the product includes only natural products and no grams of sugar! Sorbet "Strawberry" without sugar + L-carnitine - a beautiful bouquet of a taste and benefit!

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Filatov Artem

Мороженое icecro sport с L-карнитином. Такая еда создана для занятий спортом и похудения. Кроме того мороженое вкусное и натуральное) #мороженое #icecro
22 февраля 2017

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