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Sugar-free sorbet "Lemon-ginger" + L-carnitine

Sugar-free sorbet "Lemon-ginger" + L-carnitine

Product Description

Intense citrus taste of a ripe lemon, combined with a hint of exotic ginger. Harmonious duet strengthens your immune system, and its refreshing taste cheers you on the hottest summer day. Now, without sugar and with L-carnitine!

L-carnitine - is one of the most popular sports supplements, fat burner, slimming at the cellular level. L-Carnitine improves performance and endurance, is involved in the regeneration of muscle tissue, stimulates the immune system and oxygenates the cells.

L-carnitine is recommended for all kinds of sports, especially during active workouts at the weight, at fat burning, or just for the health. Pay attention - L-carnitine is not a doping!

One jar of sorbet ICECRO SPORT contains L-carnitine in the amount which does not adversely affect the quality and great taste and at the same time provides the daily requirement.

Instead of sugar during the manufacturing process of sorbet high quality sweeteners are used, which makes the product even more useful!


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Leave the request and we will contact you