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Sugar-free sorbet "Seabuckthorn" + L-carnitine

Sugar-free sorbet "Seabuckthorn" + L-carnitine

Product Description

Sorbet with a pleasant bitter-sweet taste and delicate texture of sea buckthorn creates a positive mood and a powerful boost of energy for the whole day! Delicious dessert was created by a special technology specifically for athletes - low calorie, rich in vitamins and a special substance L-carnitine in its composition is especially valuable for daily workouts.

L-carnitine improves the body's metabolism, it helps to break down fats. Prolonged use of fat burning substances improves physical and mental performance. After amplification exercises it is very nice to eat tasty and healthy ice cream, enriched with L-carnitine. After all, it contributes to a significant reduction in muscle recovery period.

In combination with the sea buckthorn, which fruits contain fat-soluble vitamins, serving of a delicious treat enriches the body with useful substances, gives strength after training.

The contents of prebiotics, natural sweeteners erythritol and stevia makes sorbet an extremely helpful dessert!

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Leave the request and we will contact you