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Sugar-free sorbet "Orange-celery"

Sugar-free sorbet "Orange-celery"

Product Description

Sorbet, which will give you strength! Sweet and juicy orange and useful celery together give a perfect refreshing taste. It is in this sorbet where the maximum dose of vitamin C is contained  and beneficial properties of celery rejuvenate the body.

Hyper-useful fresh juice of orange and celery - a valuable food product and a unique therapeutic tool, unfortunately, it is difficult to cook at home. But now there is no need - we will do it for you, combining the fresh juices of orange and celery in a cool sorbet!

The structure also includes sorbet natural prebiotic inulin, known for its ability to rid the body of heavy metals. and no any gramme of sugar - only natural natural sweeteners.

Sorbet "Orange-celery" - it is amazingly delicious dessert for those who care about their health. This is an extremely low-calorie, healthy product that is perfectly cools and gives a feeling of lightness and freshness in the summer heat!

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Leave the request and we will contact you