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Sugar-free sorbet Lime Mint

Sugar-free sorbet Lime Mint

Product Description

Taste of refreshing sorbet "Lime Mint" reminds of how well to lie without thinking about something, on the beach, drinking with the tube a cool "Mojito"... A taste of holiday, adventure and night parties in our citrus-mint sorbet created specifically for those who have always a lack of summer.

Intense citrus flavored juice lime strengthens the immune system, because it contains an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals. Micro-element K, which is particularly rich in fruit, strengthens the heart muscle, which is very important for sports. Lime has long been known for excellent fat burning properties. The abundance of fruit acids in the composition of the citrus aid in the normalization of weight.

Mint - a perfect anti-aging and soothing agent. Its amazing healing properties help to achieve harmony of body and soul.

Natural beverage Mojito, masterfully served in the cafe, loved by all, but not everyone can manage to cook it at home. Now a loved by everybody mojito sorbet in IceCro!

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Максим Александрович

Когда на улице жара, спасение приходит в виде полезного мороженого #icecro #мороженое @ City of St.Petersburg, Russia
12 августа 2017

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