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Sugar-free sorbet Raspberry-Chili

Sugar-free sorbet Raspberry-Chili

Product Description

The explosive combination of tastes: juicy ripe raspberries and hot red pepper chili in a sorbet IceCro. Chili perfectly sets off the sweetness of ripe berries, giving a sundae special notes - the taste becomes more complex, spicy and elegant.

Since childhood everybody has been knowing how useful raspberries, by which we were lovingly fed with grandmother during colds. Chili - no less useful product, it has a positive effect on the metabolism, liver and brain, and also treats insomnia and allergies.

A serving of delicious sorbet "Raspberry-Chili" will help to escape from the heat and give the invigorating freshness for the whole day, while strengthening your immune system! The lack of sugar, artificial colors and flavors enhances the usefulness of dessert, and natural prebiotic inulin helps cleanse the body of toxins, increase in bifidobacteria in the intestine, thus giving a special texture and taste of the product.

Sorbet "Raspberry-Chili" - an extremely low-calorie product based on natural ingredients, fine desserts and delicious treat for thrill and excitement of those who appreciate the unusual desserts! This mix you will remember for a long time!

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Лина Урусова

Сижу хомячу это чудо. #мороженое #веган #icecro
06 июля 2016

Natasha Moiseeva

Оооочень вкусное мороженое мы попробовали сегодня на фестивале. Фисташковое просто супер, шоколадное пальчики оближешь и самое необычное малина с перчиком чили )))) класс. #мороженое #icecro
18 мая 2017

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