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Vegan Ice Cream "Chocolate"

Vegan Ice Cream "Chocolate"
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Price: 100.0 rub.
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Product Description

Gentle velvety ice cream with a rich taste of chocolate without lactose and sugar, created entirely from natural cedar fortified milk Sava and Thai coconut milk.

Thai coconut milk has a mild, delicate taste and has many important qualities for health. It is an excellent source of vegetable fats, oils and protein, minerals and vitamins for the body. Coconut milk is low calorie, and therefore is recommended for chronic fatiguaness and vitamin deficiency. Coconut milk is especially useful for vegans, as it balances of their diet.

Cedar jelly - a unique dietary product that has no analogues in its composition.. It looks like a dairy one, it has a spicy noble taste and unsurpassed flavor. Cedar jelly is rich in digestible protein, minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is the cleanest in comparison to all other beverages, because Siberian pine forests are not subjected to chemical treatment.

Vegans adhere to a strict food system and do not eat sugar, as some companies for its purification use beef bone char. Vegan ice cream does not contain sugar, it is replaced with natural sweeteners. Also, it includes prebiotics useful for digestion.

Thus, the vegan ice cream "Chocolate" can rightly be considered the perfect food for vegans and those who are allergic to lactose!

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Leave the request and we will contact you